it's you and me, baby

January 30, 2014

Puppy, words cannot do justice to how I feel, but I am currently smiling like a fool, I’ve got butterflies in my stomach, and my heart is beating like crazy<3. I love you, I love you, I love you. I will sit back and treasure this beautiful feeling I have in me right now because nothing else matters.

Happy anniversary, Nadya Puppy! <3.

The “too cutes” are celebrating Christmas today because of 12/27 x] :*

All I want for Christmas is you, angel<3.

It’s okay, though, because I’m imagining all the Christmases we’ll spend together in the future. I love you, my penguin-puppy x]] :*

A funny dance scene ;P

I love you<3.


This is one of my favorite Stefan and Elena scenes, puppy. I couldn’t find a shorter version of the scene that I like, but what I love is the words they exchange in the beginning and the way Stefan doesn’t have to hide who he is in front of Elena.

Most of all, though, this scene makes me relive this emotion that I have only ever experienced and will experience with you. 

I love you, Alex<3.

October 25-27, 2013

We had such a beautiful, sweet, and puppyish weekend together. From when we first saw each other and I gave you lots of kisses, when we picked out the bedsheets together, when we made love, when we laughed so much together watching Modern Family, and when we went to the farm and carved pumpkins.. It was ineffable.



Dear Alex Puppy,

I just wanted to write you a tiny letter to let you know how ineffable this weekend with you was to me. From the moment I saw you when you came to pick me up with the car, I knew I was in heaven. Even though only four days had passed since I had last seen you (compared to the months we used to spend apart), I still felt as strongly as ever that a part of me was missing. And when I saw you, I simply lit up. Everything was perfect again, seeing your eyes light up with the same joy I was feeling in my heart. And our first kiss when we saw each perfect as ever and something I had craved for a while. It was a magical, beautiful kiss, and I felt that sparks lit up when our lips touched.

I realized during this trip yet again how little we need to be happy. All we need is our puppy and a tiny place to call home. Luxury and wealth don’t make us happy; it’s enough to know that you have a small bed to share with your angel and some food and water; the rest becomes only a detail when you have your puppy around. I also realized how little we need in another sense to be happy together: I think some of my happiest moments during this weekend were when we fell asleep together. There is just something so special in waking up and seeing your heavenly puppy next to you. Always, in the mornings, when I see you next to me, I become something that can’t be described with the word happy; it is the feeling of forever, angel. I look at you and not only my heart, but my whole soul and entire being, feels this unstoppable need to spend the rest of my life with you. There is no other way, it just is; the same way that the sun dies every day to make way for the moon and then comes back again, that cyclical pattern is how I always feel and always will feel when I see you next to me.

Even when I fall asleep on you (taking a tiny puppy nap), I feel at home. But this home is a new home that I have discovered through and with you. This home is the happiest parts of me, the sweetest memories, and the purest hopes and dreams. That’s why around you I seem to rediscover such memories of my childhood: because I find that so often I feel beyond happy, like a care-free child.

I ineff you, Alex Puppy. You are my everything: my love, my best friend, my joy, my hope, my support. You have taught me how to fight and stand up for what I believe in. You’ve shown me that I can open up my heart and trust. You have given me so much in this life that it is not enough what I can say. I can only show you. I don’t believe in a god, but I thank the heavens everyday for you.

Yours always,

Nadya Puppy

PS: I saved the ticket from the subway and I’m going to put it in the scrapbook. It is the first of many journeys to come<3.

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